Sports Participation Screen

Competitive EDGE provides the most comprehensive pre-season sports screen using motion analysis and combine testing to compare your test results directly to national averages for your age, sport, gender, and competition level.

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The Competitive EDGE Sports Participation Screen Includes:

  • 1 hour evaluation with Kevin Vandi DPT, OCS, CSCS or Matt Rickerts PT, DPT
  • Sport and medical history review
  • Height, weight, and BMI 
  • Body fat assessment (if desired)
  • Blood pressure and heart rate
  • Y balance test 
  • Functional movement screen
  • Strength and flexibility testing
  • Lower extremity alignment screen

Who Needs a Sports Movement Screen?

Most middle and high schools require student athletes to undergo  a pre-participation physical to be cleared to play their sport.  A pre-participation physical is designed to catch risk factors for health related issues before the start of their sport season.  Th medical pre-participation physical must be performed by a doctor.  Most injuries in sport; however, are movement related injuries.  Typical injuries include ankle sprains and ACL tears. Physical therapists are the experts in assessing and improving human movement and sports performance and therefore are the ideal practitioners to perform a sports movement screen.

How is the Competitive EDGE Sports Participation Screen Different?

At Competitive EDGE we take sports testing to the next level.  We perform the usual tests such as blood pressure, height, and weight PLUS we perform combine level tests for sport movement.  Lower extremity injuries, such as ACL tears, have increased in youth sports and it is essential to test for movement related risk factors.    Additionally, Competitive EDGE uses specialized Move2Perform software to compare the athlete to others of the same age, gender, sport, and competition level.  Instead of just getting cleared for sport, you will know exactly how you rank among your direct peers.  This is valuable knowledge to compare year to year to track your progress and to reduce your injury risk. 

Our Unique Tests

Y Balance Test: Used by the NHL for combine testing to reveal injury risk, balance, and movement disorders. Your individual test scores will predict your injury risk and will compare you to your peers of the same age, gender, sport, and competition level.

Functional Movement Screen: Used at the NFL combine to highlight movement impairments that may lead to future injury.  Your individual test scores will be compared to peers of the same age, gender, sport, and competition level.

Lower Extremity Alignment Screen: A test performed by a doctor of physical therapy to challenge your movement in sports based motions to determine if compensations and movement errors exist that may lead to injury.

Coordination of Care

We believe that you receive the best care when there is seamless communication between medical providers and coaches.  We will send your unique report to your primary care physician and your coach.  Each report will highlight:

  • Your movement readiness for sports participation
  • Your individual injury risk category
  • Your rank against your peers of similar age, gender, sport, and competition level
  • Your needs as an athlete to improve on noted impairments

Additional Training Available

If after your pre-participation movement screen you wish to address the impairments found during testing, Competitive EDGEoffers various services to help you achieve your goals.

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