"If You Have Already Rested For Weeks... And You See NO Signs Of Recovery... And You Are Frustrated By Your Lack Of Progress...And You're Desperate To Know What's Wrong And How To Get Back To Running Without Pain...Then I Have A Solution That Will Help You!"

 Watch This Video For a Tutorial Of Our 3D Running Gait Analysis!


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Inside this 26 page running guide, written by running specialist Kevin Vandi, you will discover:

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Dear Runner,

Whether you are a competitive marathon runner, Ironman triathlete, or a weekend runner who has been dealing with a frustrating and nagging injury that just won't seem to go away on its own, then you are at the right place and this is likely to be the most IMPORTANT message you will read this month.  

You may have been told in the past "just stop running" or "why don't you try cycling instead"...and you may have been told this by a family member, friend, or even your doctor.  That seems to be the default answer when discussing your running injuries to other medical professionals.  They think that you should be satisfied just running 1-2 miles and don't understand that you have your sights set on the next half marathon or Olympic Triathlon and low boring mileage just won't cut it.

The truth is that most people "treating" runners have a bias that running is bad for your joints and they provide generic exercises, stretching, and the dreaded prescription of REST.  This unfortunately is standard practice and it is just not what YOU as a runner needs to continue to train, run, and race.

If You Are Frustrated By Your Lack Of Progress With Traditional Physical Therapy And Desperate To Know What Is Wrong And How To Run Without Pain, Then Read On...

Before I show you how I can help YOU, let me first distance myself from all the other physical therapists out there. What I do and the advice I give at Competitive EDGE Physical Therapy is nothing like the physical therapy that is provided at other practices.  I'm a running specialist physical therapist who has spent years studying running gait and biomechanics from the top running experts in the nation.  Running isn't just something else I treat but rather what I have build Competitive EDGE Physical Therapy specifically for.

I know as a runner and athlete your TIME is so important.  The last thing you want to do is go to physical therapy and spend time riding the bike, doing easy basic exercises, and getting a massage you get already from your weekly sports massage.  It is hard enough fitting in your long runs, speed work, swimming, biking, and let alone strength training and to burn a whole hour doing stuff you already do on your own anyway is just "one more thing".

Recover Faster By Seeing A Running Specialist Who Values Your TIME And Provides Running Specific Testing and Training To Help Get You Running Again

What's more,  we are the top running center in the Bay Area that is revolutionizing the way runners recover from running injuries.  We use running gait analysis and biofeedback equipment that has previously only been available to professional sports teams and Olympic training centers.  It is now available to you to improve your running and keep you healthy. Versus other centers that use the naked eye, tablet, or a smart phone to assess running gait, we use specialist equipment that measures force, muscle activation patterns, and joint motion with 1 degree of accuracy.  (And if you're not in the Bay Area, don't worry! The Running Blueprint is my solution for all the runners too far away for a conventional evaluation.)

Don't rely on the "gait analysis" you received at the store when you bought your last pair of shoes.  A standing assessment of pressure combined with a short running video, of just the back view of your feet and ankles, is hardly adequate to determine the cause of your pain. Honestly, this is not even a gait analysis since you need 2 different views to get enough "good data" to determine any true running errors.

In comparison, our precise 3D inertial sensor technology will more accurately pinpoint biomechanical errors with your running form in order to improve form and decrease injury. The best news for you, is that since opening Competitive EDGE runners and athletes from around the Bay Area have been recovering from running injuries that they previously thought were "there for life."


Here are the people most likely to benefit from a running gait analysis and running training at Competitive EDGE Physical Therapy

  • Runners with pain at the back, hip, knee, ankle, or foot
  • Runners who want to improve their running form
  • Runners who want to AVOID injury
  • Athletes on a return to running program after surgery
  • Runners who want to train with a specialist in running and biomechanics
  • Runners who are frustrated by their current treatment and want "running specific" training 
  • Runners who want access to the best running biofeedback equipment in the Bay Area
  • Triathletes who want to work with someone who understands their need to balance multi-sport training and high mileage events

If you are looking for a running specific solution to help you return to running, racing, and competing then a running analysis and specialist training program at Competitive EDGE is right for you.   -Kevin Vandi

Competitive EDGE Physical Therapy:

3D Running Gait Analysis 

Here is what we will provide for you at the initial assessment:

  • 2 hour evaluation and one-on-one treatment with one of our running gait specialists
  • Complete review of medical and running history
  • Biomechanical 3D running analysis with high speed video, EMG muscle tracking, and frame by frame joint angle and pressure analysis
  • Comprehensive functional movement testing
  • Running biofeedback training with inertial sensors and video
  • Consultation on footwear and running training plan
  • Provision of written reports with a short video of your running gait

Real-Time Running Biofeedback

Why Running Biofeedback At Competitive EDGE Is Revolutionizing

Running Training  

Our 3D running gait analysis is designed to pinpoint the exact causes of your pain in order to provide specific education and training to help you improve your running form.  What separates us versus other centers that just use the naked eye, a tablet, or handheld camera is our "real-time" running biofeedback.

Using state-of-the-art running equipment, previously only available to professional athletes and research labs, we can train you to run better with precise and in-session feedback on pressure, joint angle, and muscle activation.  No matter your specific running issue, we can use multiple versions of visual and auditory feedback to help you make fast changes to your running stride.

Running is a skill that needs to be practiced, like any other sport, and using real-time feedback allows you to quickly learn form changes that will keep you running strong and without injury.                       

If You Are Limited By....

  • A stress fracture---We use real-time pressure feedback to help you absorb shock to limit impact on your healing bone
  • Patellofemoral Pain Syndrome---We use joint angle tracking with 3D sensors to provide feedback for knee rotation and femoral adduction angles
  • Hip/Groin Pain---We use muscle tracking EMG to help you activate your gluteal muscles to help control your pelvis
  • Lower Back Pain---We use video and joint angle feedback to help avoid upright running and to teach a proper forward trunk lean.

These are just a few examples of how we help runners just like you who are dealing with nagging pain and want lasting relief that will allow them to run again without limitation. I believe every runner has a unique running pattern.  Although there is no perfect way to run there are known ways to improve your biomechanics to reduce injury.  At Competitive EDGE wewill incorporate your assessment findings with your individual running style (forefoot, heel strike, ChiRunning, Pose Running, barefoot) to create a personalized running plan.

Here Is What Other Runners Are Saying...

"I had been unable to run past 2 miles for the last 10 years because of calf cramping and pain.  I tried everything from stretching to massage to not running but the pain did not go away.  After my running assessment with Kevin, we realized I had weak muscles in my feet and calves.  I also found out I had poor shock control.  Kevin corrected my running form and now I can run 5 miles without pain.  It feels great to be able to run again without calf pain."     Ben Steele, Los Gatos


"I'm a lifelong athlete but after I developed osteoarthritis in both knees, I thought my running days were coming to an end. Then my knee doctor recommended I talk to Kevin. He showed me how just a few small tweaks to my running style, together with a tailored strengthening program, could both reduce my knee pain and decelerate the progress of the OA. In just a few sessions, we've reduced the impact to my knees by more than 50% and I'm running pain free! I'm now looking forward to many more years of competitive running, and I can't recommend Kevin highly enough - this guy works miracles!"  Steve Mallard, Triathlete

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