Competitive EDGE Patient Stories

We are consistently working to improve our service and improve the value we provide our clients.  Your feedback drives us forward.  Enjoy the experience of our previous clients!

San Jose Earthquakes

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Ellen- Ultra Runner 

Qunicy Amarikwa- San Jose Earthquakes #25 

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Arathi R.
In short, Competitive Edge is a great place to heal when you are in need of physical therapy. The owner, Kevin Vandi is truly professional, friendly and has a really good bedside manner.

My Story-

     I went to Kevin to find a solution for an old injury in my right neck, shoulder and arm. I was in a lot of pain and was not very functional. I decided to attend his first teaser session (at no cost). Kevin took the time to talk to me about my injury, my health history etc. Even though, his website said that the teaser session was 15-20 min long, he took more than 35 minutes to take a look at my situation and draw a treatment plan. Next, he worked with me to educate me about the right posture and appropriate exercises. I felt 95% better with massage and exercise right after the first session. He recommended two more sessions to make sure I was completely healed. Right now, I am able to do so many things physically I would not have dared to attempt a month back!

    I highly recommend Kevin's practice not just because he is really good at what he does but also because he truly cares for his patients!

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Matt M.

My experience with Kevin at Competitive Edge was fantastic! I had bounced around with other physical therapists for a couple years trying to rehab my knee. After my first session with Kevin I knew I had found the answer. Not only is he extremely knowledgeable but also takes the time to explain everything in a way I could understand. He also utilizes technology in a way I've never see at a PT. This allows him to measure your progress and clearly show and quantify how you've improved. After working with him for a couple months my knee is in better shape than it has been in years. I will, without a doubt, visit him in the future for any injury related issues and refer anyone who is in need.

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Joey S.
Power Lifter 

“Kevin not only gave me good health, but hope. In 2012 I suffered 3 bulged discs in my L4, L5, and S1 discs of my lumbar spine. I went to 6 different chiropractors, 4 spinal surgeons, went through 4 different 8-12 week Physical Therapy programs across the Bay Area, then received two Epidural surgery injections. This was the roughest year of my life, as I not only lost my strength, but also my day-to-day confidence and hope for strength-based sports in the future. 

In a last effort, I went to Kevin Vandi. He noticed my lack of ambition as I went through the initial analysis. He pushed me aside, put his hand on my shoulder, and told me that he fully believed I could recover 100%, but I first needed to believe in myself as well. I saw him four times per week for 12 weeks, strengthened my spine and he got me back on the football field for the first time in two years.

The knowledge of Physiology and Sports Performance he has is unparalleled. I have gone back to Kevin with multiple questions, and he always supplies me new information while consistently giving advice that actually works. 
Kevin will not let you leave without progress. If he sees there is a chance of recovery, then there is one. 

Thanks again Kevin,


485# Squat @220, 19 years old, 3 bulged discs.  

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Jordan Stewart #3.

"To Kevin:  Thanks for taking the time to get me back on the field stronger and sharper."







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Kari K.

"I am very happy with the results I have seen after only four visits to Competitive Edge PT.  I had been dealing with multiple issues for over a year now; knees that swell up with any pounding activity, tennis elbow on both sides and a back that was prone to problems.  I really wanted to join my family on an intense backpacking trip at the end of summer, but I was struggling with the training.  When my back went out in May I knew I needed to do something different.  Kevin gave me the confidence that I could get over these issues and still have time to train sufficiently for my trip.  What I like about Kevin's philosophy is that he focused on the root of the problem.  He studied the way I moved, educated me on how certain movements exacerbated my problems, and showed me exercises that would help to strengthen my muscles and manage pain before it became a problem.  Thanks to Kevin's help I am training hard and will soon begin my big trip with confidence."

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Colleen G.

Great place to go for hi-tech healing for injuries, whether it's neck, back, achilles, etc.  My 12 year old daughter first went to Kevin for her achilles heel injury which had been bothering her for over a year.  With state-of-the-art technology and watching her movement in soccer and running, he was able to help heal her injury.  she has stayed injury-free for months. 

After seeing these great results, I decided to go to Kevin after a horrible neck injury which kept me sidelined from tennis and weight training.  With  electrodes and the computer, I could see instant feedback on the monitor to ensure that I wouldn't strain my neck with weight training and tennis.  Even as a former tennis teaching professional and certified Zumba instructor, I learned so much from Kevin about correction of movement.

He even alleviated pain from a nagging hip problem in one session!   I highly recommend Competitive EDGE Physical therapy.

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Jason F.
Runner, Triathlete  

"Outstanding! I've been recovering from a Glut.Med. tear and femoral stress fracture with another PT for four months very generalized workouts and minimal results... ONE visit and analysis with Comp. Edge and he identified the exact issue and developed a precise workout plan to get me back running and doing Tri's! THANK YOU 

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Alex R. 

"Your kindness to me this morning made a big difference in my well-being, Kevin. I am really grateful. You helped by paying close attention, sharing your obviously honed expertise, allaying much of my mental confusion and showing me ways to help myself and, above all, by extending yourself to me as a beautiful human being and behaving as a true healer. Thank you for all you have done for me. I am looking forward to opportunities to engage with your professional practice in the future and you will certainly be top of mind any time I hear anyone asking about a really good physical therapist. G-d bless you."

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Markita S.
Spartan Finisher  

Spartan fun from yesterday…thanks to @CEmotionPT my knee felt awesome! #Spartan Race #aroo




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Ben Steele.
Fomer Montana State Cornerback

“I have been unable to run past 2 miles for the last 10 years because of calf cramping and pain.  I tried everything from stretching to massage to not running but the pain did not go away.  After my running assessment with Kevin we realized I had weak muscles in my feet, calves, and poor shock control.  Since working with Kevin I can now run 5 miles without pain and I can do speed work without calf cramping.”

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A F.
Local Physician  

"I'm writing this review from both a patient and a doctor's point of view:

I have been seeing Kevin for my ACL rehab. I'm 11 months post ACL reconstruction with an allograft. Kevin  has been very professional, always encouraging me to push myself more. After this type of surgery you feel that you will never be the same. He has given me more confidence with my knee. My knee is strong now. Maybe even stronger than my other knee. It also helps that he's  been an athlete and has had his share of sports related injuries. 

As a doctor, I have referred a lot patients to Kevin. I had yet another patient let me know how much they appreciated being referred to Kevin. He has an excellent bedside manner, always makes the right diagnosis and formulates the best treatment protocol. He is an asset to the community. I highly endorse him."

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Karla S.

"If you are looking for a physical therapist who actually knows what they're talking about and can develop a realistic plan for your recovery then this place is for you.  I have seen many PT's due to my active lifestyle and have been disappointed all too often, but not here. Kevin is incredibly knowledgeable and truly understands how the body is supposed to perform and cares about getting you back to your sport/activity. He really is AWESOME. He will challenge you and make you work but it is worth every minute to become injury free or conditioned for a future event. Both my husband and I are very active and love to challenge ourselves and with that there are times where the challenge can get the best of you.  Kevin (Vandi), has treated us both and fixed us both a few times and will be our go-to PT from here on out! Thank You Kevin!"

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Basketball Coach

"Been coming here for a few months to identify weaknesses in my movement so that I can perform better in sports and couldn't be happier with the knowledge, progress, and results thus far. The feedback you get from the technology here mixed with the training program designed specifically to address my weaknesses makes for extremely efficient and challenging sessions. My mechanics and overall athleticism have improved considerably in a short amount of time. Highly recommend!"

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Steve M.

I'm a lifelong athlete but after I developed osteoarthritis in both knees, I thought my running days were coming to an end. Then my knee doctor recommended I talk to Kevin Vandi at Competitive Edge. He showed me how just a few small tweaks to my running style, together with a tailored strengthening program, could both reduce my knee pain and decelerate the progress of the OA. In just a few sessions, we've reduced the impact to my knees by more than 50% and I'm running pain free! I'm now looking forward to many more years of competitive running, and I can't recommend Kevin highly enough - this guy works miracles!

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Chuck S.

After going to a physical therapist at Kaiser and another in private practice, neither of whom could help me with shoulder pain that kept me from playing tennis, a friend recommended me to Kevin.  He had my problem solved after only a few sessions.  Today I played tennis for the first time in a year and a half and held my own for three sets without any pain at all.  He's also very pleasant to work with.

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