"If You Have Already Tried Physical Therapy, Orthotics, And Rest To Fix That Nagging Pain You Have When Walking...And You Want To Get Back To Hiking And Exercise But Just Can't Seem To Walk How You Used To...And You're Looking For A Specialist In Gait Analysis...Then I Have A Solution That Will Help!"

Whether you are someone who walks for fitness, hikes the redwoods on the weekends, or has recently had surgery and is looking to get back to walking "normally", free of pain, then you have come to the right place.

You may have been told, in the past, that new shoes, orthotics, or a knee brace is the "fix" for your gait limitation.  These suggestions, often given by medical professionals, friends, and family are considered standard treatment when someone reports difficulties walking.  They think that an "external" solution is the best way to return to walking freely...

The truth; however, is that there is a biomechanical basis to most gait deviations, and once pinpointed and corrected, can improve the way you walk without relying on devices, inserts, or special shoes. 

If You Are Frustrated That You Can't Walk For Fitness Or Hike Your Favorite Trails Without Pain And You're Desire Real Long Term Solutions, Then Read On....

Before I show you how I can help YOU, let me first separate myself from other practioners out there.  The way I evaluate and train walking gait is distinctly different than what is offered at standard rehab and podiatry centers.  I'm a gait and movement specialist who has spent the last decade studying gait analysis and biomechanics from the best specialists in the country.  In my opinion, looking at the way someone walks isn't just a quick "screen", like walking down the hallway and back, but rather a detailed and specific process that deserves time and attention. 

I understand that you have spent your valuable TIME visiting doctors and other practioners and I want you to know that I value your time enough to offer something above and beyond what you have currently tried.  The last thing I would want is for you to take time out of your day to be told "it's your shoes". 

Get To The "Root" Of Your Gait Limitation By Working With A Gait Specialist Who Understands Your Journey And Provides Gait Specific Testing and Training 

Additionally, we are revolutionizing the way walking is evaluated and trained with our state-of-the-art gait laboratory and human movement center. Our motion analysis equipment, which helps you to "see" exactly what needs to be improved in your walking, is taking all the guesswork out of rehabilitation. 

Versus other centers that use an iPhone to quickly "take a look" at your gait, we use high speed cameras, a treadmill that records your exact step path and pressure, step length, muscle sensors to make sure you're using the right muscles at the right times, and 3D motion sensors that pick up every angle of your spine and legs allowing us to pinpoint gait deviations.  

The best news is that we can use this ground breaking technology to help you learn to improve your walking in "real-time" by displaying information on a TV screen in front of you while you walk.  So many other active people in the Bay Area, who thought their gait was unchangeable, have not only improved their gait but have also returned to the activities they love. 

Our Signature Walking Gait Analysis Includes:

  • 2 hour session with a doctor of physical therapy with speciality training in walking gait analysis 
  • Review of medical history
  • Comprehensive physical including balance testing
  • Assessment of walking biomechanics with specialized treadmill, 3D motion, HD video, and muscle tracking
  • Specific education and interpretation of biomechanical issues found during evaluation
  • Gait training with real time feedback
  • Development of custom exercise program
  • Consultation on footwear 
  • Provision of detailed written reports on testing findings with images (video upon request)

What is Gait Analysis?

Gait analysis is the detailed study of how we move our bodies from one location to another.  Walking is a complex full body coordinated action that is more than just the movement of our feet. The goal of a detailed gait analysis is to identify the source of your muscle, nerve, or skeletal problems.  By identifying specific biomechanical movement errors we can directly and efficiently treat the proper impairments that will restore your function.

How Do We Provide the EDGE in Gait Analysis?

Typically a gait analysis is performed using a standard treadmill and the human eye.  Although this allows a global view of gait, it is ineffective at observing the individual phases of gait, foot strike patterns, joint angles, contact forces, and muscle actions.  Specialized highly sensitive equipment is necessary to fully capture your unique gait. 
At the Competitive EDGE we utilize state of the art technology giving you the best in gait analysis.  Our specialized treadmill will track:

  • Walking speed
  • Step length
  • Stride length
  • Foot pressure
  • Foot contact area
  • Specific foot structure in each phase of gait

Competitive EDGE also utilizes electromyography (EMG) to track muscle contractions in real time.  We are able to observe compensations in your gait through side to side comparison of muscle usage.  This invaluable tool helps direct your strengthening program to restore proper gait. Our 3D technology allows observation of how your skeletal system moves as you walk.  This data enables us to visualize:

  • Trunk rotation
  • Pelvic rotation
  • Hip angle
  • Knee angle 
  • Ankle motions

3D Gait analysis with angle tacking, and foot pressure mapping  

Additional Training Available

This includes:

  • 1 hour session with a doctor of physical therapy 
  • Gait retraining using force pressure treadmill, 3D software, muscle tracking, and HD video
  • Movement education for strength, flexibility, and power
  • Education for a strength and walking training program
  • Physical therapy treatment (if needed)

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