What is an Orthopedic Certified Specialist?

An orthopedic certified specialist (OCS) is a physical therapist who has completed advanced continuing education in the field of orthopedic physical therapy and passed a national board examination.  This is the highest advanced certification possible in orthopedic physical therapy.  Kevin is one of 5% of the all physical therapists in the United States with a specialty in orthopedics. 

What is a Strength and Conditioning Specialist?

A Strength and Conditioning Specialist (CSCS) is a professional who applies scientific knowledge to train athletes for the primary goal of improving athletic performance.  They are experts at designing and implementing strength and conditioning programs for athletes and lay persons alike.  They conduct sport-specific training sessions and implement safe and effective training programs.  They also provide guidance for nutrition and injury prevention. Kevin Vandi is a strength and conditioning specialist who can assist you with all your conditioning needs.

Do I Need A Referral at Competitive EDGE?

California no longer requires a referral to attend physical therapy for the first 12 visits or 45 days of treatment. Some insurances do require a referral to gain reimbursement.  We will help you check your insurance to determine if you need a physician referral. 

What is an IMU Sensor?

An IMU sensor or inertial measurement unit is an electronic device that measures velocity, orientation, and gravitational forces.  It does this by using an accelerometer, gyroscope, and magnetometer inside the device.  It provides wireless real-time data allowing free assessment of movement.  The components are highly sensitive providing joint angle data within 1 degree of movement.  

The Competitive EDGE uses IMU sensors during running, sport, and biking evaluations.  These sensors are the latest in biomechanical movement assessment.  Since the sensors offer 3D motion tracking any motion can be tracked and observed without the 90 degree camera angle limitations of motion capture systems.

What is Surface Electromyography (EMG)?

Electromyography is the study of electrical muscular activity by use of surface electrodes.  It is a non-invasive technology that allows real-time assessment of the quality of muscle contraction during activity.  By placing sensors on multiple muscles a clinician is able to visualize the patterning of muscle firing to determine any inconsistencies that correlate with biomechanical findings.  EMG is best used as a biofeedback tool to re-train muscles to function properly.  Our system provides both visual and audio feedback for optimal training.

The Competitive EDGE uses EMG sensors to track muscle performance during running, sport, and biking assessments.  It is also used for muscular training for post-surgical patients and those with biomechanical movement errors caused by poor muscle activation.

What Should I Wear To My Appointment?

To perform a thorough and complete movement evaluation it is necessary to visualize your body without impediment of loose clothing.  Athletic clothing is best for examination of movement.  
For women:

  • Tank top or sports bra
  • Shorts, spandex, gym pants that don't cover your knees
  • Running shoes
  • Biking shoes

For Men:

  • Tank top, T-shirt
  • Shorts
  • Running Shoes
  • Biking shoes

How Long Will My Appointment Be?

If you are coming to our physical therapy or personal training programs you can expect to be in the clinic at least 1 hour.  For our specialized sports services such as our running analysis you can expect to spend at least 2 hours.  We are dedicated to giving you the most value during your appointments and we will maximize your time in the clinic.

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