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You’ve probably heard the phrase “work smarter, not harder.” The idea is simple: if there’s a more efficient or effective way to get from point A to point B, you should do it, rather than wasting time and energy on an inefficient method. The concept is often embraced in the business world where innovation is encouraged.  In athletics, though, despite all the talk of “cutting edge technology” and being able to track more data than ever, we still have a l...
Posted on 2021-01-05
Hey, fellow runner. Chances are, if you’re here, you’re in the market to create (or perfect) your ideal running training plan, right? And, chances are, you probably know that running training goes much deeper than just running for the sake of getting in miles. In order to truly develop speed, strength, and endurance, you’re going to have to dive deeper than just running consistently throughout the week. Consistency is certainly important — but achieving a well-rounded r...
Posted on 2020-12-23
Alright, athletes — welcome back to the fourth installment of our ACL rehabilitation timeline series. If you’ve been following along with the series so far, we’ve covered the goals, expectations, and progress typically seen throughout prehabilitation and the first and second months of your rehab post-surgery. And if you didn’t already guess, this month’s post will review what you can expect during that third month of ACL rehabilitation. So without further ado, let...
Posted on 2020-12-14
If you’ve been dancing for long enough, you’ve probably heard conflicting opinions about cross training.  There’s debate on everything from what counts as cross training (hip hop is cross training for a ballerina, right?) to whether or not dancers should do any exercise beyond dance — do you really need it to succeed, or is it just another distraction? How can training that’s SO different from dance actually benefit your leaps and combinations? And besides&hel...
Posted on 2020-12-02
Welcome to the third installment of our ACL rehabilitation series, where we talk about all things rehabilitation for that second month after reconstruction surgery. In case you missed it, our previous installment of this series covered the beginnings of ACL rehab from the date of your surgery through the first month of your recovery. But if you’re further down your road to recovery, read on — this post will detail the various recovery goals and protocol progressions (as well as som...
Posted on 2020-11-23
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