Here at Competitive EDGE we use movement data to help Bay Area runners and active people overcome and prevent injury, improve performance, and reach their goals...even if they have suffered for years!

Kevin and Competitive Edge's Story and Vision

"Below is my story of how my journey in rehab and human movement started and where its going....

While playing football in high school, I tore my ACL, meniscus, and MCL which required surgery and extensive physical therapy.  I experienced first hand the impact that a skilled physical therapist can have on the life of a patient.  The recovery was hard but rewarding and, through my recovery, I realized my passion and calling in life was to help people move freely without pain, stiffness, or limitation.

Since graduating from Northeastern with my doctorate in physical therapy, I have been working in outpatient sports orthopedics for the last 8 years.  I have been working full time as a hands on sports therapist gaining knowledge and experience treating human movement pathologies. 

Although I have been successful at helping patients achieve their goals and return to peak function, I felt that there was more that could be done to improve the physical therapy experience.  In particular, I wanted patients to experience movement rather than just learn about movement.  I felt that if a patient could truly see the way they move their function could be greatly improved. 

Despite advances in technology, thanks in large part to Silicon Valley, the physical therapy profession had not adopted and integrated technology to the way they treat.  Through my continuing education experiences, I experienced first hand how the latest technology can have a dramatic impact on human movement education and physical therapy treatment allowing faster recovery times and more complete balanced compensation free movement.

In order bring state-of-the-art services to physical therapy, I had to create an environment that allowed the freedom and time to utilize all that technology could offer.  Competitive EDGE was formed to bring physical therapy and technology together to transform the way you view and experience movement.  I am excited to be a part of the growing movement in physical therapy to improve function through skilled movement and biofeedback education.  As I have experienced, physical therapy can have a profound impact and my goal is to bring that experience to you!"

-Kevin Vandi

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