FREE Running Workshop

Are you a local runner looking to overcome an injury, end pain, or improve your running speed?

If you're looking for the latest and greatest in running research to help you achieve an optimal running stride and reach your race goals than look no further than our monthly FREE running workshop! 

For the last 3 years we've run this workshop to provide FREE education and training to local runners AND we've now added live demonstration of running specific strength training and form drills!

One of our running specialists will take you through case studies and video examples of "ideal" running form and desmonstrate running specific strength and alignment drills you can immediatly use!

Each workshop is limited to 12 runners so we can provide detailed education.  The workshops are held the 3rd Wed of every month from 6-7pm at Competitive EDGE Physical Therapy in San Jose.

Snacks and refreshments are provided and we'll stay after the workshop for all your running questions!

If you've dealt with a nagging injury, or you've tried to increase your speed keep hitting plateus, or just looking for actionable information that is running specific than this workshop is ideal for you. 

Reserve your spot today by clicking the link below!

Our Free Workshop Will Show You:

Tip#1 - The most common causes of injury in running and WHY they happen
Tip #2 - How to add running specific strength training to your weekly workout plan


Tip #3 - How running gait analysis and training is helping runners improve their form, avoid injury and reach their goals!


You can reserve your spot at the next workshop by calling 408-784-7167 or stopping by our clinic at 1375 Blossom Hill Rd. STE 33 San Jose, CA 95118. 







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