“Are you frustrated by the lack of mileage or training intensity in your rides due to knee, back, neck, hip, or shoulder/arm pain…

Maybe you’ve tried other bike fits at your local shop without any improvement...

THEN consider a BETTER approach to fitting your bike with the DYNAMIC Bike Fit!!”

Dear Rider,

Whether you’re a professional, amateur, or weekend warrior rider who enjoys road cycling triathlons, time trial races, or blazing trails on a mountain bike, if you’re dealing with a persistent injury that just won’t go away and is keeping you from enjoying your rides, it’s time to get the HELP you need!

You may have tried resting, lowering your mileage, or just training on flat rides, but if your pain isn’t going away, the culprit isn’t how much you’re riding, it’s HOW you’re riding!

Friends, family members, and even doctors may be telling you to decrease your mileage or stop riding all together as rest and medication is the default prescription among health care professionals. However, this is a very generic approach to what is often an individualized problem. Plus, they don’t understand your need to continue training for your upcoming race!

If You’ve Seen a Health Care Professional and All You Got Was Some Simple Stretches or Exercises, and You’re Frustrated By The Lack of Progress, Then READ On...

Before I describe how there is a more objective way to help you get back to riding pain free, let me tell you how we at Competitive EDGE Physical Therapy are different than other traditional physical therapy clinics. The therapists here are specialized in biomechanical analysis for cycling and running. They have spent years studying and learning cycling mechanics and running gait from the top experts in these fields.

Competitive EDGE is not just a clinic that offers bike fits, but it was SPECIFICALLY designed for cyclists, runners, and triathletes! We believe in using the most cutting-edge technology available to collect OBJECTIVE data to help make more SPECIFIC diagnosis.

We understand that TIME is a precious resource to you. The last thing you want is to have to take extra time off work or cut your weekend ride short for Physical Therapy appointments where all you do is stretch or do basic and easy exercises that aren’t specific to YOUR problem!

With our 1-hour long treatment times and biofeedback technology, we will ensure that your time is maximized every appointment and you received the individualized care you need! You will be doing challenging exercises that actually help you reach your goals of getting back on the bike FASTER. This translates to fewer appointments needed, which means less time off work and more weekend rides!

SPEED Up Your Recovery By Seeing a Bike Fit Specialist Who Understands Cycling Mechanics, Values Your TIME, and Provides Specific Training To Get You Cycling Again!

We understand that Cyclists love to use TECHNOLOGY and DATA to help understand and improve their riding. You love to track the speed, cadence, wattage, and power of your rides using your Garmin and power meters. You read cycling magazines and blogs to stay up to date on the newest bike designs and features. This is perfect because we love to use technology to help up us do our DYNAMIC Bike Fits and find you the perfect fit!

Bike fitting is not an exact science because every person is unique and riding a bike is dynamic. It takes great skill from an experienced fitter who knows Anatomy, Biomechanics, and how cyclists need to move depending on your type of bike, riding style/goals, terrain, and comfort level.

A good bike fit should fit your current physical traits to your bike, take into consideration what type of riding you do, and discuss any injuries or issues affecting your riding!  Here at Competitive EDGE, we will always start your bike fit with a thorough history of your riding, listen to your goals, and discusses injuries in order to adjust your fit correctly!!

Just because every bike fit is unique doesn’t mean you can’t use OBJECTIVE data to drive your decisions. Our facility here in San Jose, CA is a full-scale biomechanics lab. We use high speed cameras and 3D motion capture IMU sensors to help analyze your riding movement and accurately find biomechanical errors related to your issue. The inertial measurement unit (IMU) motion capture sensors are able to detect each kinematic joint angle accurately to within 1 degree!

What also sets us apart from your local cycle shop bike fit is our advanced muscle EMG sensors! The sensors measure the electrical activity of your muscles to give you an inside look at HOW you move and what muscles are active while riding your bike!

DYNAMIC Bike Fits Allow You to See Your Actual Position On The Bike In Real Time! It Is The BETTER Solution To Fitting Your Bike!


Just like other sports, cycling is a dynamic activity and needs to be assessed while you are actually riding in order to precisely diagnosis poor movement patterns and provide a BETTER custom fit to your bike. The great news is our technology at Competitive EDGE allows us to do just that! You will be able to see yourself ride in a variety of different positions and see how each modification to your bike actually improves your movement!!

Other bike fits will require you to stop in certain positions to make the measurements and adjust your bike, but when you stop riding it allows you to adjust your position rather than seeing where you truly are on your bike out on the road. Don’t rely on these bike fits that require you to stop pedaling to measure joint angles or cameras from a phone or tablet that only look from one point of view.

You want high speed cameras and 3D Motion Sensors that can pick up riding errors from multiple points of views while you are actually riding in Real-Time!!

Here are the people that will benefit the most from the DYNAMIC Bike Fit and Feedback Training at Competitive EDGE Physical Therapy:


  • Cyclists with back, hip, knee, foot, neck, shoulder, or wrist pain while riding
  • Cyclists who want to improve their riding mechanics and PERFORMANCE
  • Cyclists who want to AVOID Injury
  • Cyclists or Triathletes who want to train with a specialist in cycling and running biomechanics
  • Cyclists who are frustrated with their current treatment of rest and stretching, and want a “cycling specific” program
  • Amateur riders who are new to cycling and want to ensure they are safe and comfortable on their bikes
  • Professional riders who are look for the extra “EDGE” to help boost their performance
  • Riders who have just bought a brand new bike
  • Cyclists who want access to the BEST cycling biofeedback in the Bay Area

If you are looking for a cycling specific solution to the pain you have been dealing with and keeping you from enjoying your riding, then a Dynamic Bike Fit and Biofeedback Training Program at Competitive Edge is right for you!

Competitive Edge Physical Therapy: Dynamic Bike Fit

Here is what you will be provided at your initial assessment:


  • 3-hour evaluation and one-on-one treatment with one of our cycling specialists
  • Complete review of your medical and cycling history
  • Biomechanical 3D Analysis with high speed video, EMG muscle tracking, and frame by frame joint angle assessment
  • A fully adjusted bike personalized to your anatomy and 3 contact points
  • Comprehensive functional movement testing: measuring ROM, muscle flexibility, and muscle strength
  • Cycling biofeedback with inertial sensors, muscle EMG, and video guidance
  • Consultation on saddle or stem modifications to improve comfort and performance
  • Written reports with full bike measurements and recommendation to improve movement patterns


Real-Time Cycling Feedback!

Perform Better and Understand Why Learning How to Ride Is Just as Important as The Bike Fit

Cycling Training:

What really sets Competitive Edge apart from traditional bike fitting centers is our ability to offer Real-Time cycling feedback!!Using our state-of-the-art lab equipment, we not only fit your bike dynamically so that your bike is in the best possible position during riding, but can also give you real-time feedback on joint angles and muscle activation while you ride!

Imagine not only learning about movement errors that are causing you to lose torque or aggravate injuries while you are riding, but being able to see yourself on a screen while riding and practicing to avoid these costly mistakes! How cool is that?!!

You also get to look under the hood and see what muscles you are using while riding and learning how to utilize them to give you the best rides you’ve ever had!!

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