“How to Put an End to Back Pain and Get Back To Being Active - Without the Hassle of Injections, Seeing Your Doctor, or Taking Medication”

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Dear Back Pain Sufferer, 

If you’ve got lower back pain, an ache that affects you at work, sitting, and sleeping, and you’re looking for lasting relief without the annoyance and wasted time of interventions that don’t work…

If you are frustrated that your lower back pain is keeping you from working out, getting in shape, and “de-stressing” from your busy work schedule…

Or you have tied yoga, stretching, heat, a standing desk, and massage without the relief you are looking for…

Then you have come to the right place, you’re not alone, and we hear this story all the time.  Lower back pain, sciatica, and lumbar disk injuries are very common and one of the main problems we assist clients with at our facility here in San Jose.

You are likely asking yourself…

“Why Is My Lower Back Still Hurting? 

It’s Been Months…I’m Tired of Resting…Why Am I Still Suffering?”

Most people believe their lower back pain will go away with time and rest.  They think, “tomorrow” will be the day they wake up without back pain.

The rationale and thinking is that if other injuries heal with time and rest why won’t lower back pain…

Plus, you likely have seen your doctor who has told you to avoid running, working out, or anything else that hurts while you take pain medication and let it heal…

Does This Sound Like You?

The truth is that lower back pain affects millions of people every year.  If you have tried to look up treatments and “fixes” online you are likely more confused now than before…

The internet is filled with advice to stretch, do core work, avoid sitting, avoid standing, get a new bed, swim instead of walk, bike instead of run, exercise, or avoid everything that hurts???

Phew!  Plus, if that’s not enough, what about the advice from your family, significant other, friends, and co-workers all telling you something different to help your back pain!

Let me try and clear the air a bit…

Quick “Tips” To Get Rid of Lower Back Pain

  1. Make the decision to get help: Too many people wait and hope their back pain will go away with time and rest.  They try a exercise regimen they found online which didn’t help or in fact made their pain worse.  If you have been dealing with lower back pain for months, don’t continue to wait and hope for relief, take action!


  1. Avoid sitting or resting: Most cases of lower back pain are made worse with prolonged sitting and resting.  Most research on lower back pain suggests getting active (in the right ways) can substantially reduce symptoms.  The right exercise program, combined with specialist hands-on treatment, and education can get you back moving and active.


  1. Do the CORRECT exercises for YOU: Not all lower back pain is created equal.  What works for people with a disk injury might not work for someone with muscle spasm or sciatica.  Seeing a specialist who can pinpoint the exact cause of your pain and prescribe the proper intervention is KEY to your pain relief and success.


  1. Learn proper “movement”: This last tip is often overlooked and never addressed and quite possibly is the most important part of long term lower back pain relief.  Learning improved ways to sit, stand, walk, squat, lift, push, and press are all essential to living a life without back pain.  If you want to be able to do what you want without burden, learning proper movement is key.  It takes time to “learn” movement and that’s why it’s so important to work with a specialist who schedules longer treatment times to ensure your long-term success.


If you would like to know how the team at Competitive EDGE Physical Therapy in San Jose can help you live with less lower back pain and improve your lifestyle then we would like to offer you a completely free, risk and obligation free, appointment.  No paperwork necessary.

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Note: This free session is perfect for those people who have questions about physical therapy, want to meet us in person, or are unsure about how we can help.  If this sounds like you, then we are happy to provide this completely free option to get your journey to a health back started today.

“How Can the Physical Therapists at Competitive EDGE Physical Therapy Help Me Decrease My Back Pain?”


  1. We will spend the TIME at your evaluation to pinpoint the exact cause of your pain and start treatment on day 1


  1. We will use specialist trained hands-on care to help alleviate pain and stiffness


  1. We will provide a specific and individualized program to ensure your relief is long-lasting


  1. We will teach you the BEST ways to sit, sleep, and stand so you can have more energy and be more productive during the day (all at the first 2 sessions)


  1. You will learn the most optimal strategies for lifting, exercise, waling, running, and daily household activities (vacuuming and doing dishes can be so painful, we know!)


  1. We will help you regain your ability to be social, go out to eat, dance, hike, and spend time with loved ones


Lastly, one of the reasons we feel confident in providing you top-tier solutions is that many of us here at Competitive EDGE have suffered with back pain before!  We utilize the same treatments and strategies that have been proven in our own lives.  Working with people who have “been through back pain before” can make all the difference.  We understand your pain and want you to have relief and your life back ASAP!

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