Team Injury Prevention

Competitive EDGE uses specialized state-of-the-art motion sensors and software to track sports motion in real time on the field of play to highlight movement errors, decrease injury risk, and improve performance.

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Team Injury Prevention Includes:

  • On site assessment of team or individual athletes by Kevin Vandi DPT, OCS, CSCS and Matt Rickerts PT, DPT
  • Medical and sport history screen
  • Strength and flexibility testing
  • Functional movement screen
  • Balance testing
  • On-field assessment of real time sports motion with biomechanical sensors for at risk athletes 
  • Injury risk reports generated and given upon request 

What is Team Injury Prevention Testing?

Injury prevention testing is used to assess each individual athlete for their risk of sustaining an injury in their sports season.  The testing involves specific evidence based tests specific to the individual sport.  The results of the testing will guide strength and conditioning programs for pre-season, in-season, and post-season training. By having consistent data, athlete's overall risk and progress can be tracked year to year.

Team injury risk testing is now done routinely by professional sports teams.  Multiple programs have demonstrated a decreased rate of injury during the sports season after having a professional screen for risk factors. The EDGE in Team Injury Prevention Competitive EDGE provides the most comprehensive injury risk assessment in the bay area.  We utilize highly sensitive state-of-the-art technology to track biomechanical motion in real time.  Typically this type of assessment is done in a gait or human performance laboratory; however we have specialized 3D motion capture sensors that can be used on field.   Competitive EDGE also performs a series of research based sports combine tests.  The data obtained in these tests provides an age, gender, sport, and competition level comparison of injury risk.  This data further drives training and competition goals. 

Follow up Training Available

We offer additional services to address any concerns found during your injury risk assessment.

Schedule a team injury prevention 408-784-7167

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