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Looking For an EDGE To Take Your Sports Performance To The Next Level?

Maximize Performance, Prevent Injury, And Harness The Power of Sports Data

Competitive EDGE works with athletes at the professional, collegiate, high school, and youth levels to improve speed, strength, power, agility, and to provide functional movement testing and training to prevent sports injuries. 

Here, unlike other centers who ask if you want to "train like the pros", we actually work with professional athletes!  Competitive EDGE is the biomechanics and physical therapy provider to the San Jose Earthquakes and we've trainined and consulted with ahtletes in the MLB, OHL, and division 1 collegiate athletics. 

How Is Competitive EDGE Sports Training Different?

Sports data and performance analysis is everywhere.  The faster and more complex sports have become the greater need to differentiate athletes on hard data and metrics.  Professional sports combine testing and yearlong player performance is about finding the EDGE for each individual athlete.  Team training and generalized programs as losing effectiveness in a rapidly progressing sports environment where speed, power, and agility are on center stage.  Individualized athlete testing, analysis, and program development are now what's necessary to compete at the elite level. 

Our sports performance programs start off with a detailed 1:1 assessment of biomechanical sports motion.  This includes vertical jump testing using a Force Plate, range of motion, strength, and biomechanical movement analysis.

Force Plate Jump Testing Analysis: 

  • Jump height 
  • Peak jumping force 
  • Reactive Strength Index (RSI) - Speed Testing
  • Time To Stabilization (injury risk)
  • Muscular Endurance
  • Right to Left Asymmetry Testing (injury risk and performance)

You'll also meet with a Doctor of Physical Therapy to assess your range of motion, strength, functional sports movement, injury risk, and to plan your individualized program and sport specific goals. 

To gain a Competitive EDGE in your sport, you need to develop as a complete athlete.  This includes mobility, stability, strength, speed, power, and endurance.  Our programs focus on all of these core training principles.  Our data and analysis pinpoints exactly how to optimize your training to get the greatest improvement in performance. 

Plus, you'll get the same testing and training as the pro athletes that come to our center! 

All of our training programs include: 

Sport Specific Testing and Training- Training specificity to meet your individual sport needs

Explosive Power Development- Jump training and plyometrics to develop vertical, lateral, and rotational power 

Olympic Lifting Technique and Training- Squat, deadlift, cleans, and overhead pressing with video and detailed movement education. 

Speed and Agility: Counter movement jump training, linear and lateral speed, landing mechanics, and biomechanical cutting testing and training to optimize movement, prevent injury, and gain speed

Mobility and Pliability- Development of tissue pliability and motion through self-mobilization strategies with lax balls, foam rollers, and fascial release 

Injury Prevention- Specific biomechanical movement education and training with specialists in sports movement and injury risk 

Sports Performance Training Options

We offer both individual 1-hour sports performance training sessions and 1-hour group training classes (5 athletes max).

To maximize sports performance, training 3x per week is recommended.  This is especially key in the sport "off-season" when building strength, speed, agility, and mobility can have the largest effect. 

In-season performance training is recommended at 1-2x per week alongside your regular sport specific practice.  These training sessions will be periodized to help you peak at optimal levels, reduce injury risk, and maintain gains made in the off-season.

All athletes go through our initial sports performance evaluation to generate baseline data, create goals, and for program design. 

Ready For The Next Level?

We understand you have options for sports performance and we want you to experience the Competitive EDGE difference before you choose a team.  

That's why we offer a FREE discovery visit.  We'll sit down with you, listen to your sports history, understand your goals, and show you our state-of-the-art facility.  This is the perfect first step to ensure we're the right place for you and you're ready to achieve the EDGE in your sport. 

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