Feeling "Stuck" In Your Pain...Are You Trying To Figure Out What The Best Treatment Is To Help You Achieve Your Goals......If This Sounds Like YOU, You're Not Alone And I Have A Solution That Can Get You The Answers You Need!

Hi, I'm Kevin Vandi, and if you live in the Bay Area, love to be active, and are looking for quicklong lasting relief from pain that has kept you from the activities and sports you love then I have an opportunity for you that may be just what you need.

I would like to share with you this short letter about our pressure free, hastle free, cost free "discovery visit".  

We understand the difficulty in finding the BEST SOLUTION to your pain, and the process can be quite overwhelming, so we wanted to make it easy and painless to get the answers you need without having to jump through hoops.  Have a read and then find out more details about this great opportunity!


In this short letter, I am going to show you how to get over the worry of not knowing what is wrong, the fear of having to deal with pain that limits your activities, and the difficulty of finding the best solution in a myriad of options.

I will also describe how we can do all this for you completely FREE of charge!  

We will get to that in just a moment, first...

I Have Been Helping Active People Just Like You For 10 Years And I Have Learned That Most People Are "Unsure" Of What A Physical Therapist Even Does...

Greatfully, I help active Bay Area residents get to the bottom of what is causing their pain in order to get back to the activities the love such as running, cycling, exercise, hiking, and golf.  Unfortunately, there are people out there who are suffering due to not knowing what is causing their pain, or have seen their doctor without ever receiving a clear answer to what is wrong and how to fix it. 

Additionally, there is some confusion around physical therapy and I would like to clear the air about what a movement specialist does and how we use "movement data" to transform the way you move.

Besides, you don't want to waste your hard earned money on something you don't fully understand like physical therapy.  Many of you are likely stalling calling a physical therapist because you just don't have enough information to make a good decision about your pain and recovery. 

These fears and worries are normal.  In fact, I would say these concerns happen with the majority of people who call our practice asking questions. For everyone who calls; however, there are others who want to call but are nervous to make the wrong decision.


I Decided To Take Away All The Pressure, Fear, and Worry of Making The Wrong Decision By Creating A Simple Risk-Free Chance To...Come And TRY Physical Therapy First!

We call this free session a "discovery visit".  You will be able to discover what is causing your pain, ask questions about how a movement specialist can help, and receive a prognosis of how long it will take to improve with treatment.

Often, as in the case with most clients who come for a discovery visit, having more information about your pain allows you to make the best decision about your future health. 

Our signature "discovery visit" is 20-30 minutes spent one-on-one with a physical therapist who specializes in using movement as medicine.  We believe strongly in providing education upfront, and unlike many other medical professionals who ask you to book an evaluation first, we want to be sure you feel comfortable partnering with us for your care.

There is zero paperwork necessary for your discovery visit.  This visit is desinged 100% for YOU!

To schedule your risk-free, cost free, paperwork free "Discovery Visit" please call 408-784-7167 so a member of our team assist you with finding the next available time with one of our movement specialists.

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