Join the more than 700 runners who have used this science-backed system to leave injury behind and build power, speed, and efficiency -- follow The Running Blueprint!

Are you tired of cutting runs short or limiting yourself due to nagging injuries and recurring pain?

Have you researched at-home knee pain cures and tried them all (twice)?

Have you spent hours reading Runner's World and poring over forums discussing the best running form, or the right way to run -- but all the advice still doesn't help?

Are you ready for a proven, data-backed solution to running pain and performance woes?

If you’re stuck in a pattern of injury - rest - run - repeat, I’m here to tell you that it doesn’t have to be that way. 

Injuries don’t have to be an inevitable part of running, and pain isn’t a given for the sport. 

All you need is a stable foundation and a lot of dedication — and I know runners already have the latter. 

A stable foundation is more than just miles, though. A strong running foundation is rooted in biomechanics and reinforced through deliberate practice. It’s the product of work and focus, and it’s the cornerstone for a long, pain-free running career. With the right foundation, you can run more miles and faster miles, and experience the freedom that comes with truly optimal running. 

Welcome to your ultimate guide to stronger, faster, more resilient running.

The Running Blueprint is the equivalent of bringing a running expert with you on all of your workouts. Dr. Kevin Vandi has taken the latest in running science and more than a decade of clinical experience and condensed it into an accessible, digestible, data-backed program to optimize your running. 

This book won’t just give you workouts, or tell you what paces to run, or how many miles will make you faster. Instead, you’ll gain the tools to meaningfully change your running, leave pain behind, and break through plateaus to reach peak performance. 

You see, most people are never actually taught how to run. 

With most sports, you practice drills, hone specific skills and movements, and spend time refining your mechanics to improve your performance as a whole. 

But with running, you just lace up your shoes and head out the door one day. 

There’s an assumption that we just know how to do it, and that running form is something we’re born into and will have for the rest of our lives, like a fingerprint. 

That couldn’t be farther from the truth. 

Running form CAN change. In fact, for most people, it SHOULD.

That doesn’t mean you’re bad at running or that you don’t know what you’re doing. 

But, there are more than likely areas where you can become stronger, more efficient, and more resilient by leveraging your body’s optimal biomechanics. 

The Running Blueprint is designed to do exactly that: lead you through evaluating and optimizing your running form with a data-backed, clinically proven progression of exercises and drills that decrease your risk of injury while increasing your performance. 

You’ll learn:

  • The 3 stages of running gait (and why they matter)
  • The vital exercises every runner must do to achieve optimal performance
  • How to stop running injuries before they start and experience the freedom of powerful running
  • The little know secret of "muscle activation" and why it's an essential, non-negotiable first step in optimizing running form
  • How to increase strength to specifically benefit running (without getting bulky or slow)
  • The essential running "re-training" drills and easy-to-remember mantras for practicing running form while running!
  • How to improve running alignment and symmetry to avoid "power leaks"

Reading this book is like inviting a running expert into your training. Join the more than 700 runners who have left injury behind and built their power, resilience, and performance — follow The Running Blueprint.

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