The only science-backed training system that's helped more than 700 runners leave injury behind, increase resiliency, and build power, speed, and efficiency. 

Have you been dealing with a frustrating, nagging, or limiting injury that keeps you from running the way you want?

Have you cut runs short or not been able to hit your paces due to lingering pain?

Are you sick of buying the latest running shoes or new orthotics and getting temporary relief, only to have the same problems crop up two weeks later?

Have you tried working with running coaches, incorporating new training plans, or hitting the gym, only to end up with less money and no results?

Do you feel like you’ll never be free to run how you want, when you want — ever again?

If all of the above questions sound like you, and you’ve looked for help in your area and come up short, then The Running Blueprint is perfect for you. 

The Running Blueprint is a science-backed running program that’s rooted in data and proven to decrease pain and risk of injury while improving performance and helping you reach your running goals. And it’s all available online, 24/7, wherever you are. ⁣


Yes, I Want to Learn About The Running Blueprint!⁣


Until this year, The Running Blueprint program has only been available at my gait lab in San Jose, California. For YEARS runners have been coming to Competitive EDGE with stories of annoying pain, frustrating runs, and plateaus they couldn’t break through. 

After going through my one-of-a-kind program, these runners said goodbye to long-term pain and hello to longer, stronger, more powerful running. 

Watching so many athletes attain success made one thing apparent….

For every runner we are able to help, there are a hundred more still in pain and frustrated by their lack of progress. 

Running is a global pastime, and part of our mission as a clinic is to increase the quality of education and information available to athletes around the world. Out of a desire to help the running community decrease injury rates and find satisfaction in running again, I’ve released The Running Blueprint as an online program with lifetime access.

It’s a common statistic, but nearly 80% of runners are injured every year. With all of the running programs that exist, plus the advances in biomechanical sciences and technology, there’s no way the injury rate should be that high. 

So, I set out to make a change. 

Using the most up-to-date research available on biomechanics, running form, strength training, and explosive power, plus data from thousands of runners, I developed a targeted, systematic program. Over more than a decade of clinical practice, the program has been refined, rethought, updated, and tested again — until I ended up with the program available to you today. 

The Running Blueprint allows you to fix minute form errors, activate dormant muscles, and develop power, strength, and confidence in your running no matter where you are. 

And it does that by diverting from every running coach and training plan in one major way…

The Running Blueprint approaches running as an athletic skill to be practiced and mastered. 

Think about that for a minute...pitchers practice throwing. Basketball players practice shooting. Swimmers practice the  most efficient and powerful way to stroke. Each sport has unique drills and learning strategies to develop the movement patterns necessary for safety and success

But no one ever teaches you how to run.

You just start one day, and everyone assumes that’s enough (unless you’re an elite prodigy). Running is incredible in its accessibility and capacity to change lives — mentally and physically. Then, at some point in your running journey, you’re likely to experience injury (remember that 80 percent statistic?). 

If you consider the high injury rate together with the lack of training ... it follows that maybe we’re not all running optimally, or even safely. 

The truth is, most running injuries are entirely preventable if you adopt optimal biomechanical form, strengthen the right muscles, and above all else, actually practice running. 

That might sound daunting, but that’s where The Running Blueprint comes in. It’s a streamlined, focused approach to getting you to the best running of your life. It’s rooted in science, backed by data, and has been proven to reduce injury risk and improve performance. 

Here’s what Russ had to say about his experience with The Running Blueprint:

If you’d like to learn more about what’s included in the program that’s helped over 700 runners reach their goals, along with how to achieve the best running of your life, click the link below.

I Want to Lean About How The Running Blueprint Can Help Me!

Here's what one runner had to say about The Running Blueprint program:

"Yesterday I ran a trail marathon (actually it was 26.8m). On a pretty hilly and rough muddy course I ran 4:59 which was pretty good for me considering I haven't run anything like this distance for over 4 months.

The really exciting thing for me is that I felt pretty strong throughout, I felt as though I was spreading the load through all of my muscles, including the glutes, rather than the knee and quads. Best of all I have none of the usual knee discomfort and DOMS the day afterwards and I feel strong enough in the legs to do it again!"

 If all that information sounds GREAT, but you’re not ready to commit to an involved training plan, we understand. 

Making a decision to invest in training requires time and trust. 

You’ve probably tried programs or training plans that didn’t meet your expectations, didn’t get you the results you want, and felt like a waste of time. 

It’s frustrating to follow a specific protocol, adjust your training schedule, give it your all, and then still not see the results you want. 

If you are…

...stuck on a pace or mileage plateau that you haven’t been able to break through

…ready to increase your mileage but keep experiencing painful setbacks

...tired of pain and injury interrupting your training

And online training plans and running tips have failed you, then it’s time you were given a better option. 

I put together a FREE program, "How to Solve the Four Most Common Running Form Errors," that’s still based in science (not opinion!). It incorporates the same philosophy as The Running Blueprint — running is a skill to be practiced. 

In this course, you’ll learn:

  • How to use simple form cues to improve efficiency
  • The #1 essential ingredient to optimal running form
  • The 4 most common causes of running injuries AND how to fix them
  • How to improve running alignment to avoid “power leaks”

You can work through the course modules on your own time, with nothing to lose — and everything to gain!

Sign up for the FREE course here.

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