Competitive EDGE Physical Therapy is proud to have partnered with The Riekes Center for Human Enhancement to open our second location! 

Riekes Entrance

The Riekes Center is truly a phenomenal place, not only as a training facility, but also in creating upstanding culture, giving back to the community, and welcoming all into their space. 

The Center is a non-profit, educational organization dedicated to providing the best possible opportunity to help a participant define and accomplish their individual goals. The Riekes Center impacts over 7,000 participants of all ages and backgrounds annually through programs in Athletic Fitness, the Creative Arts, Nature, and Community Service. 

The fundamental tenant of the Riekes Center is that EVERY PARTICIPANT is as important as anyone in the history of the world. Everyone is welcome, and each person gets to define themselves exactly as they wish to be, pursuing whatever is most interesting to them. 

Their core values align strongly with ours, making them an ideal partner not only in facility, but in spirit! And for our clients, there are several more tangible perks…

Training at the Riekes Center gives you the opportunity to leave the lab behind and train in your environment. If you’re frustrated because no one’s ever watched you sprint on a track or cut on actual turf, now you can. 

The Riekes Center facility includes:

Basketball Court

  • Sprinting treadmill to capture your running data at full speed and optimize your race mechanics — no more being limited by equipment or wondering if the data is accurate
  • Alter-g treadmill to reduce loading forces so you can return to walking and running sooner after surgery
  • Indoor sprinting track to let you practice like you compete and make sure that your treatment will be directly applicable to your training.
  • Fully equipped gym to allow for all levels of strength training so that you can train to your potential and push your limits. 
  • Basketball court and indoor astroturf for cutting, throwing, and sport-specific analysis at game speed so that you can confidently return to play at full force. 

And so much more! (And we really mean it -- there are so many goodies at the Center it would take too long to list them all.)

Astro Turf

By training at Riekes, you can build confidence in play and movement by having the space to push yourself, test your boundaries, and understand that you’re ready and capable to crush your competition. 

Come visit us at the Riekes Center, and see what the Bay Area’s premier center for running and sports performance training can do for you! To learn more or book an appointment today, call 408-784-7167 or request a consult on our contact us page.

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